JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model 1.0 (23 February 2013)
An Open Source Flight Dynamics and Control Software Library in C++

FGXMLParse Class Reference

Encapsulates an XML parser based on the EasyXML parser from the SimGear library. More...

#include <FGXMLParse.h>

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Public Member Functions

void data (const char *s, int length)
void endElement (const char *name)
void endXML ()
ElementGetDocument (void)
void pi (const char *target, const char *data)
void reset (void)
void startElement (const char *name, const XMLAttributes &atts)
void startXML ()
void warning (const char *message, int line, int column)

Detailed Description

Jon S. Berndt
FGXMLParse.h,v 1.7 2009/10/24 22:59:30 jberndt Exp

Definition at line 67 of file FGXMLParse.h.

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