JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model 1.0 (23 February 2013)
An Open Source Flight Dynamics and Control Software Library in C++

FGGyro Class Reference

Encapsulates a Gyro component for the flight control system. More...

#include <FGGyro.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FGGyro (FGFCS *fcs, Element *element)
bool Run (void)

Detailed Description


<gyro name="name">
  <lag> number </lag>
  <noise variation="PERCENT|ABSOLUTE"> number </noise>
  <quantization name="name">
    <bits> number </bits>
    <min> number </min>
    <max> number </max>
  <drift_rate> number </drift_rate>
  <bias> number </bias>


<gyro name="aero/gyro/roll">
  <axis> X </axis>
  <lag> 0.5 </lag>
  <noise variation="PERCENT"> 2 </noise>
  <quantization name="aero/gyro/quantized/qbar">
    <bits> 12 </bits>
    <min> 0 </min>
    <max> 400 </max>
  <bias> 0.5 </bias>

For noise, if the type is PERCENT, then the value supplied is understood to be a percentage variance. That is, if the number given is 0.05, the the variance is understood to be +/-0.05 percent maximum variance. So, the actual value for the gyro will be *anywhere* from 0.95 to 1.05 of the actual "perfect" value at any time - even varying all the way from 0.95 to 1.05 in adjacent frames - whatever the delta time.

Jon S. Berndt

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